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About -- standing shadows

     “What a stunner! Standing Shadows are an alt-rock-electro band who bring a better canvas than Picasso. Their best remix (arguably) comes from Grammar - an independent gem on the rise, and the combo couldn’t get any better. It’s electronic, dreamy, and definitely danceable.” -AerialNoise.com 

     "Standing Shadows want to be a big rock band. It’s apparent from every outsized melody and synth-drenched soundscape on the L.A. quartet’s...live show, which is heavy on smoke, strobes and in-your-face volume. Standing Shadows’ electro-rock toggles between Floydian edginess and the hyper-emotional bombast you might hear from the likes of Shiny Toy Guns (though never quite that preening). If they’re going for Muse, they’re headed in the right direction." -Buzzbands.LA

     With “REMIXED // EXCLUSIVE” and the "One By One EP" now available, Standing Shadows continue to release B-sides from their recording sessions in Joshua Tree desert with producer Chris Goss (Queens Of The Stone Age, UNKLE, Duke Spirit, The Cult) at Rancho de la Luna studio with engineer Ethan Allen (Gram Rabbit, Daniel Lanois, Spindrift). Preview the entire Trilogy and experience songs that lean on the issues and emotions from a world that is ever more competitive, corrupt, and complicated. Songs like "Freakshow" & "Everything You Want" proclaim an injustice in the world, while the emotionally-epic song "Just a Part of Me" gives us a glimpse into the heart of the band, reminding us that what we do today “...could be everything.” Perhaps the most epic of this collection is "One By One", which ignites fans to "break those chains...", and features the likes of Dave Catching (QOTSA, Eagles Of Death Metal) on guitar.

     Following a quick filming with renowned "Look Sessions," Standing Shadows hit SXSW 2012 for their third year in a row, opening for nationally touring acts such as Nico Vega, Semi Precious Weapons, Imagine Dragons, Silent Comedy, and more. While in Austin, Austin Fusion Magazine invited the band to Cedar Creek Studios for an interview, photoshoot, and filmed acoustic session. Spending two days performing with the Quantum Collective on the rooftop of Whole Foods' HQ, the chains largest store in the US, Standing Shadows was quickly embraced by the Whole Foods staff, becoming the "favorite band" of the weekend -- newly minted Whole Foods darlings. Coming out of a lost bet, Standing Shadows performed (and filmed) a quick jam based around The Whole Planet Foundation - release TBD. To see all their SXSW adventures visit: http://bit.ly/SSSXSW2012adventure

     Along side multiple features for new releases on iTunes New & NoteworthyStanding Shadows has been featured on the following TV shows: 90210 (multiple features), Necessary Roughness, Copper, The Shield, Huge, The Cleaner (multiple features), and Harper's Island. ; Video Games: Rock Band RBN, Little Big Planet (trailers), Guitar Hero 5 (trailers), and Moto GPFilm Trailers: Goon.

Photo by: Ivy Augusta (http://www.ivyaugusta.com/)