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"Standing Shadows want to be a big rock band. It’s apparent from every outsized melody and synth-drenched soundscape on the L.A. quartet’s...live show, which is heavy on smoke, strobes and in-your-face volume. Standing Shadows’ electro-rock toggles between Floydian edginess and the hyper-emotional bombast you might hear from the likes of Shiny Toy Guns (though never quite that preening). If they’re going for Muse, they’re headed in the right direction."


"Standing Shadows is ready to wake you from your typical indie slumber. They have played the famous Troubadour before, but this time the quartet enhanced their live show with a solid drum line, a live string section and a couple of backup singers. David Miltenberg (vox, guitar), Dan Silver (guitar, keys, vox), Mike Greco (bass, vox) and Michael Ascolese (drums) have put together a band that stands out amongst the many many in this city of angels.They deliver sharp guitar hooks, tight drumming and emotional vocals that bring alternative rock back on your radar - if it had ever left."



"…Standing Shadows is taking your television screen by storm."

-Beehive Candy

"The new album… is a creative blend of alternative, electronica, and progressive sounds, incorporating gospel singers with heavy hitting guitar playing... Critics have compared the group's onstage angst to indie breakout groups like Silversun Pickups and My Bloody Valentine... Standing Shadows is a Los Angeles based band that is on the verge of making a huge splash in the indie music scene."

-Green Shoelace

"... a band whose music defies categorization almost as much as it burrows its way into your brain and commands your toes to tap… (Silver and Miltenberger) created a confident statement that overflows with life, running the gamut from livewire Faint rave ups to angst-y Silversun Pickups grunge outs."

-The Musebox

"The Standing Shadows' genre-intertwining sound comes from using influences from not just one or two of their favorite bands, but practically all of them. Rather than coming across as a discontinuous mash-up, the result is a smooth mix of Brit-pop and alternative rock."

-Katie MeschkeUCLA Daily Bruin

"… Standing Shadows have created such a rich and contextual sound, embellished with a sincere amount of passion and emotion that it's hard to ignore once you begin listening. Most everything about this record is both honest and beautiful – the instrumentations, vocals, structures, etc. Take the time to find out for yourself."

-Get eXposed 

"This group can't be confined to comparisons...they bring a unique new sound to the scene that adapts to any medium"

-The Silver Tongue